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How it works
Have you ever thought that It would be easier texting from your computer when you are using it? With MooMle you can manage your SMS with your usual email client or webmail.

MooMle forwards every text to your email. For every incoming SMS you will also receive an email from a fake email address [SENDER_NUMBER]@moomle.biz. If you answer to the e-mail you will make your smartphone reply with a text to the sender. You can also start a new conversation writing an email to [NUMBER]@moomle.biz, this way your mobile phone will send an SMS. If both the sender and the receiver are MooMle users and are both online the message is free...so spread the word!!!
Getting started
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    Getting started is really simple
    1) Install the app
    2) Launch MooMle and register
    3) Enjoy it
    During the registration the app will auto-send an SMS from your phone in order to verify your number.
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    Remember that texts sent from your email are free if the receiver is a MooMle user
    We are now working to let you send free texts directly from your mobile!!
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